DansEnergie and Yin Dance-Your Inner Dance (TM)

Dance for joy

DansEnergie is a form of dance therapy drawn from my training and work with yoga to help you reconnect with bodily sensations and emotions, letting music and rhythm be the guide . DansEnergie lets us be ‘us’ in whatever form and state that may be at a given moment. We bring our experience to the session and let it dance…

DansEnergie sessions take place in a group, but contain both individual focus and group encounters. Sometimes we dance alone, sometimes we dance with others. Using music and rythyms from around the world, explore universal energies of Feminine/Masculine… Yin/Yang, Chaos/Stillness, the elements of Air-Water-Ground-Fire…life itself.  Let go, laugh and  allow..and in so doing release, let go, heal.

Click here for a short DansEnergie individual exploration : https://youtu.be/W6Mwb7GMQ3E  or here for a group celebration : https://youtu.be/6xZ_bQr16uc

DansEnergie group play

“DansEnergie gives me a feeling of strength in my body and mind!” Josette  (France)


YinDance-Your Inner Dance is my trademarked group mind-body practice where you can call upon the body in movement, or work with the imagination in visualization, inner sensing and energy awareness. Yin Dance workshops takes place in groups and were developed from25 years of personal exploration of Buddhist mindfulness practices (particularly at Plum Village in SW France), yoga, group facilitation in large organizations, and accompanying others to reconnect to ‘Self’.

Drawn from a resonance with music and dance, yoga, psychosynthesis, and somatic approaches to personal growth, YinDance is an energy exploration to reconnect with the body and inner knowing. Through awareness and movement we open to an inner intelligence and language, and develop trust in its guidance to well-being.

Calling upon the imagination, YinDance encourages a gentle self exploration through music, story-telling, individual, and group work, allowing us to release stress, increase creativity and joy, and promote natural healing.

click here for-YinDance Individual Explorations

YinDance Grounding Exercise

Appropriate for all ages, requiring no preliminary dance experienceYinDance and DansEnergie can be enjoyed by anyone who seeks to learn about themselves, free pent-up emotions, re-connect with their body and feel at home in their skin!