Mission Statement, Values + BIO

Mission: Create well-being and feelings of safety…a sense of “coming Home” by re-membering/reconnecting with Self.

Tools include psychosynthesis and transformational coaching, contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation, somatic explorations with DansEnergie, YinDance-Your Inner Dance (TM), tango therapy, and yoga.Abigail + Milonga

My purpose is to live joyfully with curiosity and gratitude in a spirit of exploration and discovery, and inspire others to do the same, practice living in the present moment, and seeing beyond illusory beliefs of  ego conditioning in favor of authentic vision and truth.

I feel inspired to develop courage, faith, and curiosity,  to live guided by Self, and to inspire and accompany others to do the same. May we choose to live a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Values: Freedom. Simplicity. Connection. Communication. Oneness

Life Goals: To teach and inspire. To live with presence in the now. To  surrender to Source/Divine Love and “what is” with grace and ease. To serve where I am called.

**Reflective Exercise: To live a purposeful life, reflect on your purpose in this life time…what is important to you, i.e. your values. Only then can the goals you set align with who you are authentically.   Open to inner guidance and sing the song you came to sing…dance the dance you were called to dance! I can help you.


A transformational  coach and psychosynthesis guide, I have coached and mentored hundreds of employees/ executives in multinational organizations, and individuals from Australia, Europe and the U.S. to re-imagine and redesign their lives after loss, life changes, or traumatic experiences affecting self esteem and identity.

I accompany people to uncover authentic power, relinquish grievances and choose happiness;  I accompany people seeking to step into a higher/newer version of themselves!

Teaching and coaching are my passion and gifts. “Coming home” to yourself means new possibility, transformation and new life…inner peace, well-being, passion, and creativity.

Drawing from a toolbox of cognitive and somatic (body) approaches, I invite you to explore your experience of life. My toolbox of transformational coaching, psychosynthesis, mindfulness practices, meditation, tango therapy, yoga , (my own mind-body creation) YinDance-Your Inner Dance (TM)  offer tools to help you on this journey. A Course in Miracles, communion with nature… whatever speaks to you provides the  means to inform your exploration and discovery. And remember, you’re not alone. I’ll be there every step of the way to guide and encourage you in your own timing, at your own pace.

If you’re ready to stop suffering and step into  new possibility and promise, at whatever phase or act in the play of life you are in today, I look forward to hearing from you.

Carpe Diem!  Seize the day and see how S.E.L.F._System for Embodied Living and Freedom can help you realize your dream,  see your life and yourSelf in a new light!

Going beyond mind!

I can!!!


American, educated in the USA, I have lived more than half my life in France. I started my career teaching cross-cultural communication, international management, leadership education, coaching and training in global organizations throughout Europe and  the USA. My passion for personal growth and bodywork led me to train as a certified yoga instructor in 2001. I subsequently incorporated yoga and stress management to my career portfolio, and opened a life coaching practice in SW France in 2004.  Life’s journey and unexpected changes led me to Dr. Roberto Assagioli’s healing practice of psychosynthesis;  feeling I had “come home” I plunged into psychosynthesis study for 2 years with a student of Dr. Assagioli’s, Molly Y. Brown, and also at a center he had started in the UK,  the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London. In 2010 I published a book on my own healing journey. The thread and life-changing teachings of A Course in Miracles (my ‘bible’) have inspired and guided me since my years in New York in the late 80’s, as has my work with psychosynthesis since 2007.

Music and dance  have always resonated within me and I love American tap, Argentinian tango, lindy hop and jazz. Argentinian tango inspired me explore tango therapy and its life-giving social and emotional benefits. Dance in general brought me deep somatic experiences of Self and an experience of  ‘flow’ with life, inciting me me to develop a mind-body ‘dance’form,  I call YinDance-Your Inner Dance (TM).


I look forward to meeting you and exploring together how to chart your path Home, aligned with your highest purpose for a life of fulfillment, peace and joy. Many Blessings! Abigail

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