Inspiring Listening (Complimentary)

Enjoy inspiring talks on psychosynthesis (below) and subscribe to my Self Care Channel for complimentary, weekly mind-body practices for living a healthy, grounded, mindful life!

Self Care Channel Introduction

Interview with Dr. Philip Appel, Director of Psychological Services at MedStar National Rehabilitation in Washington DC. Dr Appel is the author of an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, entitled “Psychosynthesis: A Transpersonal Model for Hypnotically Mediated Psychotherapy”.:

Introductory talk at global psychosynthesis online conference, “Connection, Communication, and Community: Synthesis in the 21st C” with internationally reknowned psychosynthesis specialist and practitioner, Piero Ferrucci:

Discussion of Science of Group Work with its founders, Michael Lindfield and Marina Bernardi:


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