Audience…. Who I Serve?

 Feeling lost, frustrated, hurt, angry… disappointed in life and yourself?  Suffering from poor self esteem, feelings of unworthiness or “I can’t…”, depression, sadness, grief?

Perhaps illness has taken over your life or you’re just feeling overwhelmed. Whatever the challenge/problem, does the following feedback loop look/sound familiar?

Stuck_ depression guilt cycle

  It’s time to take your power back, get off the inner mind roller-coaster and return Home… reconnect to yourSelf, and rediscover feelings of freedom and fulfillment!

I can show you how.

Freedom and fulfillment are our natural birthright and inheritance, but traumatic shock..e.g. violence or life-threatening experiences, unexpected loss of a loved one in divorce/separation, illness, death;  or developmental trauma from child abuse, caregiver neglect, adoption, etc… create intense biological stress and survival responses that can keep us frozen in unconscious survival responses long after a threat is past. We become triggered by anything that reminds the unconscious of past fear. We may feel anxious or fearful, respond by limiting social interaction in an attempt to manage a potentially dangerous and volatile environment. Often we just don’t feel good enough. Debilitating feelings of guilt, shame and self defeating judgments inflict  inner violence and sap our vitality and ability to love and care for ourselves.

Happiness – Where does it comes from?

Most of us believe happiness comes from the outside… a better job, more loving or attentive partner, more money, bigger house/car …. whatever we think will remedy a ‘problem’ or ‘shortcoming’, e.g. losing weight, having a smaller nose, straighter teeth, being more socially savvy/ outgoing…the list goes on forever.

Lasting happiness is an inner job and does not depend on outer circumstances. We must learn to feel good, happy, and fulfilled despite circumstances… taking the time to listen and care for ourselves, not expecting anything outside us to ‘save,’ or ‘fix,’ us. (After working together, you’ll even realize there’s nothing wrong with you or your life, but let’s go slowly, one step at a time…)


In the journey Home meet parts of yourself you critically judge, dislike and reject…and  see how they have served and taken care of you. Most importantly meet  the magnificent You… you undoutedly have not yet met..You can become your own best friend.

My Purpose / Work is to : 

  1. Help you feel safe to re-connect authentically with your own self (  and in so doing with others).
  2. Inspire you to come Home, you to open and trust your experience, what you feel and experience in your own body.
    1. Learn to hear and heed your body’s innate wisdom and intuition. 
    2. Be free of the need for others’ approval, the disempowering need to be seen through their eyes.
  3. Accompany you to find your own inner ground, to tune to your heart’s deepest knowing and intelligence, and trust  your own path to fulfillment and satisfaction.

How would it feel to rejoice in who you are, discover hidden talents and gifts and share them in as a gift to others and for your own fulfillment?


My Clients:  defective_worthless

  • People with low self esteem and feelings of unworthiness.
  • People feeling broken or flawed due to developmental trauma and attachment issues, childhood abuse, or environmental dysfunctions that made it unsafe to be you.
  • People grieving emotional loss and/or adjusting to difficult life changes.
  • People suffering from illness and addictions that have taken control of their life.


If you are willing (just a little)I can help you move from fear and doubt (about yourself,  people, and situations) to clarity, lightness and power.

(Take a moment to feel how that might feel…)

  • Learn to release the past and trust your inner emotional GPS and intuitive guidance. I can show you a path Home to Self!
  • Trust yourself and learn to be gentle and forgiving…. for not knowing, for not acting in the past  in ways you wish you could have!
  • Learn to forgive and feel free …let go of perpetrators and people who hurt you.

Let me show you your path Home….! Make peace with your past to step fully into your present… Now… and create a fulfilling future!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.-Lao Tsu

Next Step:  Take Control- Complimentary exploratory session:

Soar….feel powerful in your life….and step out freely without shame or fear!

*Register for a complimentary exploratory session and learn to release fear, resentment, anger, sadness, and hurt  that weigh you down and hold you back from a fulfilling, happy life.

NB: This is an exploratory meeting with no obligation. Learn powerful insights about yourself and what you are capable of ! 

Carpe diem! Life is an occasion-rise to it!

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