Retreat-Healing and Happiness are Possible!

“Healing and Happiness are Possible: Reconciliation with Self and Others”

7 day intimate retreat offering teachings and practices from psychosynthesis, Buddhist psychology,  and  mindfulness.

Make your appointment with Life! Explore and experience the authentically possible and learn to live each moment deeply, with presence.

Learn to bring gentle, mindful attention to all facets of your life and  explore the ‘art of happiness’ and the ‘art of suffering’.

Learn to embrace suffering to suffer less

With mindful awareness and  intentionality, choose freedom and step toward highest potential!

  • Cultivate a compassionate heart and mind not because it’s ‘right’ but because it’s your birthright and potential, who you are…
  • Follow the path of bodiccita-loving kindness and compassion, and understand the neuroscience behind this ancient spiritual practice. Create new neural pathways to experience life with love and understanding, instead of  harsh criticism and judgment.

  • Understand how gratitude and ‘taking in the good’ can reverse our brain’s ingrained negativity biais.

  • Vipassana /Looking deeply: Acquire the U-turn habit; instead of running from what scares you, learn to welcome and embrace vulnerability and nurture what is asking for attention and care.

  •  Dis-identification: Explore and practice dis-identification to be free of the snare of unconscious, conditioned responses such as anger, reactivity, or hiding out.

  • Recognize triggers before they take control and transform ‘difficult’ emotions ( anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy …) to experience solidity, freshness and peace.

  • Cultivate and ‘water’ emotions/ states you want e.g. joy, love, compassion, happiness. Learn to live in the present moment, instead of prisoner to past regrets or future fears.

Become your own best friend…a spiritual friend who cares and is there for you! Conscience+Compassion

Live the Bodhisattva aspiration of loving kindness for all…starting with yourself!biches