Coaching-Philosophy and Approach

My work  focuses first on being, or the the ‘how’s’ of doing. My guiding belief is  we are each 100% responsible to our life, and our own best expert.  I do not position myself as  expert or give advice; only you know what is right and feels rights for you… but I can serve as guide and encourage and help you look deeply at your life, desires, and fears.

My aim is to create an environment of safety to foster exploration and experimentation, so you can look with honesty, curiosity, and non-judgment at what you want, and what’s holding you back…  obstacles to what you deeply want, but somehow feel you cannot have.

Toolbox… Techniques & Approach  

Psychosynthesis, a systems approach developed by an Italian psychiatrist (Roberto Assagioli), informs much of my work with deep listening, questioning and dialogue, visualization, inner journeying, and sub-personality work. Somatic or body-oriented techniques are an integral part of creating a strong foundation in S.E.L.F.  I warmly invite you to explore your deeply-held values and desires,  unconscious fear-based beliefs and unwanted behaviors, to release limiting patterns and step out of bygone stories. Replaying an old script from the past that no longer serves cannot give you new outcomes.  Guidance with feelings of safety created in our sessions will help you explore new approaches and possibility for your life that pave the way to desired goals and objectives.

Approach, Philosophy, and Experience

My coaching approach and philosophy is holistic and person-centered, respectful of a client’s life experiences and inner wisdom. A coaching relationship exists between equals where my role as coach is to reflect and catalyze possibility, and serve as mirror for untapped and unseen potential.

My coaching experience includes 15 years of executive coaching in global organizations with an additional 15 years’  transformational coaching with individuals from  around the world.

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session to see how I can help you to release anxiety, fear and an old story holding you back from realizing your dreams and life goals.

path to possibility

Coaching Testimonials:

Our times together helped me become more aware of my inner music and what that really means for me; they helped me become more conscious of my own inner strength and power and goodness. Thank you.” Russell, N.J. USA

“I would like to share my experience with Abigail, who I have been working with for several months, and I really worship our time together! I like her methods and insights. She has a very special, wise and deep perspective, which enables me to have a different approach to my experiences. Some sessions have greatly moved me… I feel very confortable sharing intense moments of my life with her. Even if we are looking for the deeper roots of the problems, she lets me go step by step and always respects the natural flow of my feelings. I want to thank her for her constant support, great patience, geniune positivity and her wise words.
Once she told me that ‘you will meet Angels on the path of your life; they will teach you great lessons’. I truly believe that she is one of these Angels. Thanks Abigail !!” (J.-Barcelona)

2021 Coaching Packages 

Zoom, SKYPE, or telephone sessions in the privacy of your home or office.

NB: For more information or to discuss what package best supports your goals, contact me to arrange a 30 minute complimentary session.

Examples of proposed packages:

1) Healing/Lightening our Load: 15 -20 hours (over 4-6 months) aimed at exploring emotional bagage, releasing the suffering, obligation and pain incurred from past ‘conditioning’ and traumatic experiences.
2) Radical Transformation and Lightness: 30 hour package (valid 8 months) to make peace with and release the past, then acquire tools to navigate as co-creator of life…despite circumstances and challenges.
3) The Heroine’s / Hero’s Journey: 40 hours (valid 10 months) dedicated to a deep exploration of Self…making peace with the past, exploring one’s “purpose in life” and leading to a deeper understanding of life from a symbolic, more trancendant, less personal perspective.

*Degressive hourly rates apply to longer packages. A la carte sessions are available for people seeking guidance on an immediate project orchallenge.  5 and 10-hour packages with degressive hourly pricing also exist. Please inquire for information.





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