T.A.N.G.O.S.-The Dance of Life


 T.A.N.G.O.S. – Trust…Align/Allow….Non-judgment… Ground/ Gratitude, Open….Surrender…..   Dance with Life!

The dance of life….how many of us actually ‘dance’ with life experience, allow and go with the flow? B+W Tango couple

Do you ever notice how you push, shove, or even bully your way through life? Don’t feel guilty, you’re not alone. Ego or small sense of self, feels it must control and make things happen to survive. This part of us is afraid to left behind or on the sidelines, so we work to “make things happen”. Going with the flow is considered laissez-faire, spineless, weak for the push-push world we believe we must succeed at.

But what about peace, connection and authentic communication with others? When our focus is on winning, or domination, there can be no real connection.  Trust becomes impossible and struggle dominates our day to day life resulting in fatigue, disappointment, and often anger…


  • What if we had it all wrong? What if connection to all of life, flow, and a vibrant dance is what life is about?

  • Instead of struggling with events and occurrences, what if we were able to see events symbolically, feel connected to something bigger than our small selves, and hear the voice for God/Love/ the Great Mystery (whatever words resonate for you) speaking to us?

  • What if we learned to connect with life/others/nature and stepped into life’s flow and dance? What might we experience, feel and learn?  What would our experience with others and ourselves be?

In this experiential workshop (originally offered in person, adapted for online learning), explore T.A.N.G.O.S., the nature of an Argentine form of dance, based on communication and improvisation. Specifically using the anagram, explore and cultivate  life-giving qualities of being that allow us to dance in life!

Tango legs




*With 12 years improvisational Argentinian tango (alas until Covid 19) and 30 years in personal growth and transpersonal psychology, I developed an energy exploration workshop, entitled Life T.A.N.G.O.S. to let us:


Workshop Objectives:

  • Explore and cultivate qualities of trust, aligning and allowing, grounding, non-judgment, openness, and surrender in a space of safety and exchange. Experience how these qualities ca enrich your experience of life and relationships or all kinds.
  • Cultivate presence, a focused ability of awareness, with a deeper knowing this is who we are
  • Discover/ deepen contemplative/meditative practices to resonate with who we are, connect with authentic self, and dis-identify from ego/me-me fear-based thinking.
  •  Practice mindful living, grounded in (God’s) Presence / Love for a more intimate experience of the Great Mystery/ the Divine, and your role in the world.
  • Develop trust in the process and flow of life with openness and trust in yourself, others, and life as it unfolds.

 For more information on participating in this unique online program please reach out in your message below:





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