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Mindfulness and Psychosynthesis to Navigate Today’s Turbulent Times*

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*2 day immersion in the Harmonics of Psychosynthesis & Mindfulness as anchors and conscious responses to today’s personal and global challenges.

September 28-29th in the Perigord, SW France (1 and 1/2 hr train trip fromToulouse)

*designed and offered by Abigail De Soto and Keith Hackwood


This 2-day mindfulness and psychosynthesis workshop explores the challenges of navigating rapidly changing, turbulent times (at a macro and micro level) in a conscious, compassionate, present manner. Not only is our planet in distress and peril, but more and more people feel the stress and anxiety of accelerated change and uncertainty in their day to day lives.

How do we open our eyes to what is happening around us everywhere, and how might we respond with wisdom and compassion?

These are the questions and aims of this 2 day exploration with an optional 3 hour online follow-up 1 month later for participants willing/ eager to ground and realize their personal project/plan.

The workshop’s overall theme concerns awakening from the unconscious trance we all live under. Emerging from beneath the robotic, virtual reality, dominated by incessant thinking, analyzing, planning, worrying with its attempt to control everything and everyone in our lives. We’ll explore our grasping, our turning away and our habits of distraction, in favour of conscious, mindful embodied presence and awareness of life, in the here and now.


  • We will use the breath and rootedness in the body as anchors, introducing or re-visiting mindfulness and psychosynthesis practices to bring us ‘home’ to our experience.
  • We will practice developing courageand strength (“coeur” or heart, as it is in French) using heart-based approaches instead of traditional thinking practices.
  • We will learn and practice facingfears and suffering with strength and compassion instead of default fight-flight-flee responses.
  • The ‘harmonics’ of psychosynthesis. and mindfulness offer us avenues to compassionate awareness and willing spirit.

*Compassionate Awareness and Will: Assagioli’s ‘mother’-‘father’ dance: compassionate loving observer and wilful, directing/orchestrating energy of being; understanding and practice to identify and connect with both aspects of being.

Compassionate Awareness: Importance of compassion, not just awareness for self and others. Dealing with difficult situations and emotions (anger, anxiety, fear) and suffering.

  • Exploring default reactions, particularly around anxiety, fear and other ‘difficult’ emotions.
  • Disconnecting from reacting to develop freedom of response: mindfulness, dis-identification in action, and R.A.I.N.
  • Creativity as antidote…means to move, grow, and flow. Awareness of how each person is already creative-bringing embodied awareness to open up more ways of creatively being present and responsive.

Willing: Where do I want to go with this? What is important to me? What do I want to do and be?

  • How to I grow and use will in a compassionate and strong embodied way in my life?
  • My personal plan/project/objectives. Grounded and realized over following 30 days with optional online feedback session one month later.


When: Saturday & Sunday September 28-29th 2019 (10 am-6 pm Sat; 9:30-4:30 pm Sunday)

Where: Beautiful private venue in quiet, natural environment in SW France in the historic Perigord, 1h 15 min drive from Bergerac airport, 2 hrs from Toulouse, 3 hrs from Bordeaux. Or 15 min from Gourdon train station (Paris-Toulouse line). Train station pick-up in Gourdon can be organized in advance for a small fee, or done by taxi.

Conducive to a return to nature and mindful meditation, walking, and group exploration, exchange, and practice.

2 day Workshop Pricing:

  • 210 euros/person or 400 euros/couple Regular registration available till September 20th
  • 195 euros/person or 360 euros/couple *Early Bird Registration available till September 13th)
  • Accommodation per person for 2 nights, Friday+Sat: Single with private bath 130 euros; shared  double room 76 euros/pers.
  • Meals shared and prepared mindfully with the group (Sat. breakfast-Sunday lunch/5 meals): 65 euros/person

N.B: Prices do NOT include travel

N.B. Please note the optional online follow up program 30 days after the immersion weekend-Per person: 35 euros Early Bird pricing or 40 euros regular pricing

CONTACT- Questions and Registration:

 Abigail –  or Keith –


Pls follow the instructions below to make your payment for registration- thank you!  Buy Now Button

NB: Payment Instructions- you will need to type in the price that corresponds to your situation, click 'update' to have price register if not automatic. Then choose Paypal or credit card (click on "don't have Paypal account for credit card options to appear). You may need to click on "update now" once you choose your payment method.

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