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L’ Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self, Transformational Teachings from Psychosynthesis and A Course in Miracles

by Olivia DeGage (pseudo/ nom de plume); 2010 Psychosynthesis Press

L’ Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self is a celebration of life despite obstacles of childhood abuse, neglect, confusion and low self esteem. What Joseph Campbell called “the heroine’s journey,” is my story, an encounter of multi-faceted sides of “self” in a  search for the right to exist. The story tells of trauma and repressed pain, but most importantly reveals a story of transformation, courage, perseverance, acceptance, and forgiveness.

My front book cover- L'Amour Deraisonne

“This ‘interior adventure,’ as the author calls it, recounts a truly amazing journey of healing and awakening, undertaken with determination and courage, and guided by the wisdom of psychosynthesis and A Course in Miracles. Anyone embarked on their own such journey, as well as counselors and therapists, will find here inspiration, hope, and helpful perspectives.”  Molly Young Brown, psychosynthesis teacher and guide, author of Growing Whole and Unfolding Self, co-editor of Held in Love.


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Readers’ Comments….What people say about L’Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self.

I love your book. I can hardly put it down. I have always said you were my wise woman. You are much more than wise. I am so honored to have you as a friend and colleague. I love your spirit, depth of soul and compassion.” Debra-S.C, USA
I want to thank you for writing your story. I too found Psychosynthesis and A Course In Miracles at the same time so they were profoundly intertwined in my claiming Self. I appreciate your reminding me of the process now 32 years later. I have been involved in Psychosynthesis counseling at the Synthesis Center for all these years. Yet your book reminds me of the freshness, and the pain, of the process that those we counsel, or witness with, are experiencing. I think your book is especially useful also for those starting out in counselor training, to get a glimpse of a whole process of evolving toward Self Awareness. And I just referred a woman in the middle of her process of “Reclaiming Self” to your book, as it may be useful to know she’s not alone in the process. Thank you for the gift of your story to all those who benefit from seeing
how such personal transformation evolves, with will and awareness.” K. F., Massachusetts, USA
“I must congratulate Olivia on her honesty, courage and ability to write a book which brings together two models of healing which are dear to my heart. I am sure her story will resonate with many other women who have similar stories to tell, but have been unable to put them to paper. While reading this book I could feel myself reliving similar situations which still need journeying inwards to heal. In sharing her story Olivia illustrates that there is always a choice in how we perceive a given situation, in that we can become a victim of our circumstances or use the situation to delve deeper and uncover the power hidden behind the scenes. Sub personality work helps us bring to life fractured parts of ourselves which have assisted us in surviving difficult times in our life, showing us that we can make powerful, passionate choices and move forward, letting the past go without the need to blame others for our circumstances. In choosing to let go we are able to embrace what life has to offer with new insight, and enjoy the simple things that bring peace, safety, joy and laughter without effort.
I have often used both models in group work and found Olivia’s combination a welcome reminder of how powerful these work in assisting others to move forward. In reading this book I was able to face parental patterns which were once again reoccurring in my life from a forgiving place rather than repeat old patterns of behaviour declaring “Oh well here we go again, Dawn misses out as usual” my choice was to trust that in all things the best is yet to come.
Thank You Olivia.”  Dawn, Australia
I read your book and liked it. I appreciate how you talk about yourself so freely and honestly. I am glad you wrote it!”  Piero Ferrucci, psychotherapist, trained in psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli, author of numerous books on psychosynthesis.
Each of us has a story within our path of learning and growing. Although Ms. De Gage’s story contains sadness and tragedy, it is woven with hope and faith. Her story uplifts, her path a help to others.” James Deming, M.D., Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine
This is a testimony of a personal journey that the author undertook with courage and perseverance, with the help of psychosynthesis tools and spirit, and other references. It is an illustration of the labor required to tame the wanderings of a confused mind, and to develop a sense of presence to oneself and to the outside world.” Tan Nguyen, MBA, MPhil. Director of Centre Source-Ecole Française de Psychosynthèse, Paris, France
Olivia’s story is brought to life with frankness, passion and insight. It is almost a complete course in human struggle and endeavour in its own right, and will be a source of inspiration to anyone on a journey of self-discovery and growth.”
Keith Silvester, Director of Programmes, Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, London, UK
“Reading your book I am finding a treasure of self-forgiveness unfolding through your pages.” Judy -N.C, USA
What a remarkable journey the author has taken me on! This book reads like a spellbinding novel, but amazingly it is a true story. This is a captivating account of a person who somehow found the will, inner strength and courage to rescue herself from the emotional and psychological abyss. Being the victim of unspeakable abuse, she refused to be the victim. She not only “rescued” herself, but had the grit and humility to share her very personal story. What a gift for those of us who are, or have suffered a similar fate. This story offers a way back to Wholeness …… to Self? Ms. De Gage has used apt idioms and a broad range of literary resources that enhance the read, and has thoughtfully selected poignant and fitting excerpts from “A Course in Miracles” and from Psychosynthesis. These excerpts offer the reader another way of thinking about an issue — she has provided a direct response to the specific subject being discussed. This form of writing helps the reader see the bigger picture ……… a way out!! “Timothy-CA., USA
“I like this book! Rather than producing another {one among many} philosophical and intellectual revamps of the archetypal heroine’s journey, the author brings to the reader her personal knowing/affirmation of the wisdom adage “find yourself and you will find God, find God and you will find yourself.” Her willingness to embrace and hold  her pain, to walk through the fiery alchemy process of stripping away the layers of a lifetime of collective conscious/unconscious imprinting, and to master the spiritual discipline of applied patience while  becoming a person anew  affirms the universal process and principle of self-transformation. By example, the reader comes to understand there aren’t any quick fixes; only love patiently applied in kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for self and others comprises the medicine that brings the cure of wholeness.” David-N.C., USA


Abigail is also contributing author to:

Held in Love, Life Stories to Inspire Us Through Times of Change

Edited by Molly Young Brown & Carolyn Wilbur TreadwayHeld_in_Love_bookcover

and author of numerous articles

  • Healing and Happiness Are Possible; AAP Psychosynthesis Quarterly Vol. 7 Number 4, December 2018
  • A Florentine Retreat With Roberto Assagioli; AAP Psychosynthesis Quarterly Vol. 7 Number 1, March 2018;
  • Reconnect with Basic Goodness and Release the Past to Freedom: Liberation in a change of perspective, Morris Center for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) Global Newsletter Spring 2016;
  • A New Year—An Arduous New Start, or Stymied? AAP Psychosynthesis Quarterly Vol. 5 Number 1, March 2016
  • La revue de l’Institut Paracelse, N° 53 avril 2005 ; La guérison par les attitudes: changeons nos attitudes, changeons nos vies !
  • Santé Magazine, octobre 2006 ; La vie: le voyage du héros/de l’héroïne 



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