People’s Experience of Abigail

“I loved and am grateful for the TANGOS workshop and believe that A….. and I will benefit from it for years to come. It exceeded all of my expectations. Afterwards A…. told me that you were one of the most impressive and influential people that she had ever met. That’s gigantic coming from A….. I was very impressed as well…. I look forward to working with you in the future !” J…- NC, USA

“I just read your marvelous poem “No Matter What”. You shine, you rock, you rule, you tango! You are golden.” Thomas – Brussels

“I love your book…. I have always said you were my wise woman. You are much more than wise. I am so honored to have you as a friend and colleague. I love your spirit and your depth of soul and your compassion.” Debra- Myrtle Beach

“There we were at a vast exhibition of Mind, Body and Spirit in London where every inch of floor space and every stall holder was working hard to enlighten, inspire, engage, attract, enliven, energise (and sell, sell, sell, of course). And what was the most powerful energy I experienced that day? Yours, coming in waves not just, or even mostly from you directly, but from people who turned up at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust stall with wonder in their eyes and said you’d sent them. It was like a magic trick. And it showed me like nothing else I’ve seen in a while what a wonderful thing it is to let your light shine out. How that warmth and directness lights other people up and moves them, and how that creates a virtuous circle of energy, returning and going out again. It was inspiring.” Julie – London,UK


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