Workshops-Online and in Person

Challenge: A Week Without Judgment (WWJ)

(new dates to be announced)


Ready to jump in?  Ready to accept an amazing challenge? Commit to exploring one entire week without the life-draining, static response to your moment to moment experience of life: judgment!

Join us  for a life-changing exploration with the support of  committed and courageous ‘brothers and sisters’ just like you, to become aware of judgment, its role in our life and how we can release the persistent, negative, demeaning voice we all know, bow down to, and allow ourselves to be measured by… the inner judge or critic who can’t seem to hold back it’s continuous, belittling commentary on others…and ourselves.

Refresh and free yourself for one week!….Just one week….Try it!

Ready to accept the challenge? What have you got to lose? If you mess up, your inner critic willl be sure to tell you about it. And what else is new?

And maybe, if you dare to look him or her in the face, who knows…? Your inner critic may just melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy accidentally threw some water on her……(“I’m melting…I’m melting…..oh…woe is me…”)

Self Acceptance ImageWeek without Judgment 

In this week you’ll discover and “befriend” your inner critic and judge, named ‘Mara’ in the Buddhist tradition, and develop awareness around his/her diferent voices and disguises, so you are no longer at their mercy.

Learn to step back, observe, and dis-identify from this persistent voice of criticism so your energy is not drained and you say ‘no’ to challenges and dreams out of pure exhaustion, or procrastinate on what you want till the cows come home, hoping tomorrow will magically make things better.

Learn to be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you step into an accepting way of being, and see how this spreads to your approach and view of others. Whereas you might have used judgment as a motivator in the past, learn more effective approaches of compassion and forgiveness.

Week without Judgment includes:

  • One  60 minute class webinar;
  • Three guided exercises that build through the week to develop a new approach and awareness, and “accountability partnering” with a classmate (for those who agree) to connect, share, inspire, and be inspired by.


“Guilt to Q.U.I.L.T” (Quiet,Undoing, Intention, Love & Trust)

(Two part 3-hour online workshop, designed/ taught by Abigail De Soto)

Drawn from an experience described in my book, L’Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self, Transformational teachings from Psychosynthesis and A Course in Miracles, this online workshop helps us become aware of the controlling, shadow effects of guilt in our lives so as to release blocks that keep us from opening a door to forgiveness…to step into freedom and realize our deepest desires!

We have all been leading lives content (so to speak) with the shadow…at least we know our hell. What would your paradise look and feel like? Are you ready to explore the substance of your life to release what does not serve you?

Part I guides us to develop awareness of the harsh, dictatorial slave master in our minds: guilt. In learning to change the “G” to “Q”, we learn to exchange guilt for ‘Q.U.I.L.T.’ and return to a quiet place where we can manifest our deepest desires.
* With intention and practice we explore silence and stillness to develop awareness of how guilt runs our lives in constricting, small, and painful ways, we exchange our way of thinking for a lighter, freer, more trusting approach, to attract and experience life-giving feelings and care… for ourselves and others.

If we seek happier, honest, adult relationships, veritable feelings of acceptance, love and caring for ourselves and for others, we must first acknowledge the uninvited, invasive ‘guest’ who abides in us all: guilt.
This eye-opening, gentle workshop is about forgiveness… learning to forgive ourselves and those we feel have hurt us, so we can align with what we want to create lives of fulfillment and happiness.

Only through forgiveness are we free to live lives we desire, share authenticity, and heal our families, communities and planet.

Part II gives us an opportunity to look deeply at our lives (…events for which we are happy and proud, and those we have not yet “digested”). Similar to creating an heirloom quilt, we carefully turn over each piece that may have been passed down to us for generations…holding it, feeling it, deciding where it fits in the unique patchwork of our life, or perhaps discarding it with gentleness and loving closure.

  • This part of the workshop builds on our awareness and courage to look within. It shows us how no part of our lives is haphazard…all events occur to teach us about awakening to who we are, and forgiveness is a formidable key.Can we forgive ourselves for not knowing what to say to people we love, or to those we have differences with?
  • Can we forgive ourselves for not knowing what to do?…for having done or said things, today we wish we had not?
  • Can we forgive ourselves for our lives not turning out the way we thought they would, or “should”?

    If we feel even a twinge of resistance in any of these areas, guilt has surreptitiously pushed its way into our lives and taken control.

    “When you see your life circumstance as a blessing rather than a curse, an opportunity rather than an obstacle, a treasure rather than a trial, you will be on your way to experiencing what you sought to experience when it was created for you, by you.” (Unknown author)

    What is it you came to live? What do you want to live? What is important for you to express, to create, to be or do in this lifetime?
    Time is ticking on, and as popular philosophy reminds us, “this is not a dress rehearsal.”
    Release the ‘should’s’ and ‘have to’s’ and step into your own power, now!

    Take advantage of this unique, “available to all” opportunity! No need to travel (no contributing to the planet’s carbon imprint through plane or automobile travel…), no need to leave the privacy of your own home! Conferencing, and 21st technological telecommunication advances allow us to come together across the globe and explore these urgent, freeing and healing concepts in a safe, caring global community. I highly urge you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

    What participants say about the workshop:

    “Fantastic workshop that I felt on all levels..would have loved for it to go on longer as Abigail’s presence is so exhilerating. I feel totally inspired, excited and blessed to have met her and attended the workshop. Thank you.” (Hilary- UK)

    “Very high quality lecture. Beautifully organized. Abigail was warm, an excellent tutor and full of insight; this course has changed my life.” (Jo- U.K)

    “Beautifully presented, felt like it came from the heart…brought together a lot of recent thoughts and feelings and helped me make sense of them…also has given me some thoughts on a client and how we can explore her guilt.” (Sarah- U.K.)

    Cancellation policy: Full refund (minus a $35 administration fee) for cancellations up to 45 days before start date. Cancellations made 44-31 days before start date incur 75% refund + $35 admin. fee. Cancellations between 30-16 days – 50% refund + admin. fee. Cancellations between 8-15 days – 25% refund + admin fee. No refunds for cancellations less than 7 days before teleclass start date.

    “I prepared excitedly for my departure, as if this journey had a mysterious significance. I had decided to change my mode of life. “Till now,’ I told myself, “you have only seen the shadow and been well content with it; now I am going to lead you to the substance.” Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek.


An Act of Will

7-week online Booster Course!
Seven (45 min ) sessions over 7 weeks; interactive and practical!

Apply Roberto Assagioli’s timeless teachings on ‘Will’ to your projects, dreams… or to whatever you’re building in your life.

• Are your projects moving along effectively and smoothly?
• Do you have a tendency to procrastinate or be indecisive?
• Are you unclear as to how to proceed on something that’s important…a career move or a major life change?
• If any of these common situations reflect where you are, or quite simply you’d love a booster shot on Assagioli’s ground-breaking teachings on will, join a small willing group of like-minded people who have decided to take action, in a strong, skillful, and good way.

Review (or examine for the first time) qualities of will and the six stages of an act of will, laid out by Roberto Assagioli. Bring your personal project and/or dream, share it with others and articulate your steps and willingness to make it happen.
We can all benefit from a booster/reminder on will and how to develop it, as well as be inspired and inspire others to achieve what is dear to their hearts. Join us this summer. Perhaps you’re better at some stages than others, but bear in mind a chain is only as strong as its weakest link…as anyone knows who has suddenly lost a necklace they loved. What parts of the willing process need your attention?
Are you ready and willing to look at your ability to will? It’s easier and fun in a group, so jump in and let the summer of 2014 be a turning point in your life. Be more effective, relaxed, and powerful!

NB:Cancellation policy: Full refund (minus a $50 administration fee) for cancellations up to 60 days before start date. Cancellations made 59–45 days before start date: 50% refund + $50 admin. fee. Cancellations between 45-30 days : 25% refund + admin. fee. No refunds for cancellations less than 30 days before workshop start date.


“Return to S.E.L.F. (Self-Esteem, Love & Freedom)– the Call to Awaken”

(12 classes over 3 months)  Dates to be announced

We live in a period of acceleration and of fear, but also a time of great potential…potential for evolving consciousness and awareness, and potential of massive destruction.  Charles Dickens once said, “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Our time is like that, and a time in need of new paradigms to re-balance an impending tip towards ecological and planetary destruction.

It is time to return to S.E.L.F, to reconnect with ‘Self-esteem/ Love/ Freedom’, to awaken to authentic Self, and to put aside rampant ego games of ‘grab & take’, ‘use & abuse’, ‘hate & destroy’ that have become widespread habits and causes of violence, death, and destruction.

The time to awaken is now, awaken to who we are in the becoming and to who we were born to be. It is time to open our eyes with honesty and discernment to childish ways of being, and to step into more evolved, ‘adult’ roles. What does this mean? It means learning to incarnate and live from a place of peace, to become peace-makers, healers and teachers, ‘messengers and ministers’ of the Divine, and people ready to heal unresolved issues of consciousness itself, passed on through generations.

Drawing on the revolutionary understandings and lessons of psychosynthesis, practices of mindfulness and Buddhism, and the spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles, embark on an inner journey and exploration no worldly trip can rival! Open your heart and mind to thoughts and possibilities that will heal lifelong wounds, release suffering, and prepare you to step into a role healer, teacher, lover, peacemaker and agent of change.
As Sequoyah Trueblood, a Choctaw Cherokee Elder explains, we have come to heal the blocked energy that hatred, violence and anger has left in world consciousness. He says, “it is up to us to heal and resolve all the unresolved issues of our ancestors”. A Course in Miracles, a revolutionary, spiritual self-study mind training course, reminds us that ‘all are called, but few respond’.
Will you be among those who choose to awaken, today?

In this 12 session online telecourse, we will explore, share, and learn to:
1. Walk the path of the peacemaker:
• Exchange judgment and attack for thankfulness and acceptance. Stop struggling and fighting against ‘what is’ to uncover the learning in life’s experiences.
• Explore forgiveness for situations and people that brings up anger, sadness, upset.. to allow closure and peace…. not for altruistic reasons, but for your own peace of mind.

2. Live and understand your life symbolically:
• See the map in your own life story and understand pain and suffering as a call to heal, release, love and grow.
• Discover your ‘mission’ and soul’s purpose in life…What have you come to be and share in this lifetime?

3. “Know” Authentic Self:
• Release the obstacles and burdens, and fear which keep senses veiled, feeding a small sense of ‘self’, living in shadow and illusion… fearful, petty and punitive.
Step into true power and reclaim an inheritance of self-esteem, love and freedom.
• Become an instrument of love in life, and realize that every act is either an expression of love or a call for love.
If these questions speak to you and resonate with a deep desire…if you truly desire freedom, peace and healing in your life, I invite you to jump in with a small and intimate group of like-minded souls, and participate in this 3 month insightful and illuminating telecourse.

What could be a better use of your time, NOW?
What would be the value of freedom, peace of mind and your own awakening to Self?
What would be your subsequent experience of life?

Testimonials: What people say about “Return to S.E.L.F- Call to Awaken”:

“When I came across an email asking me if one of my dreams was to live a life in which healing, service, peace and fulfilment were top priorities and values, I had no hesitation to answer YES and signed up for the “Return to S.E.L.F-the Call to Awaken” teleclass. The class drew from so many spiritual traditions that interest me, and I felt the synchronicity of this call coming to my life now. The course was a delight from beginning to end. I am very grateful for the opportunity to go on a journey that has led me to explore my purpose in life, rediscover my passion, and hear my soul calling for my deepest longing. I feel I am much closer to my own and unique truth. I am aware I have a long road ahead of me, and I am equipped with more tools to navigate this life in “kairos time”. (participant from London)

“I’m loving these classes and really getting much insight out of them for which I thank you. As I get older/wiser I seem to hear less and less that I didn’t already know, so these are precious moments for me.”

“The title “Call to Awaken” called out to me, enabling the clarity I needed to again take control of my life. I realise that this course was a catalyser for me to make the necessary, illogical decision of taking distance from the business world and its revenues to be more available to listening to the inner voice and fulfilling the mission that has been dozing within me since childhood. And as if Destiny needed to send me encouragement, I received authorisations to negotiate film rights on a story of how 2 nuns enabled the poorest of the poor in an African country to become educated, responsible citizens in only 23 years, going from having the highest rate of crime to now having the best schools in the country. Assagioli said “If it comes in time, its education; if it comes too late, its therapy”. (participant from France)

“80% of the way through Abigail’s inaugural ‘Call To Awaken’ series and I’m loving it. Great content and stimulating discussion. I can recommend it!” (participant from New Zealand)

Return to S.E.L.F-Call To Awaken Teleclass

• Online experiential teaching and group work in 12 classes for three months.
• Twelve sessions of 1hour and 20 minutes each.
• Complimentary recordings of each session for review work or missed sessions.
  • Regular small group between session support groups to accompany you on your weekly explorations and discussions.
    OPTIONAL discounted coaching sessions for participants seeking to further explore an individual issue. (pls enquire)

For information on these workshops or specially-tailored inquiries for your organization or group, please contact me:


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