Tango Therapy


Tango therapy is about helping people feel more connected to themselves and to others. It has proven useful in diverse populations ranging from people who feel cut off from their own feelings and body sensations, who feel ungrounded and find it difficult to trust themselves, those who are fearful of physical contact, or who lack self confidence.

Tango therapy is also used among the elderly for its therapeutic and social effects, and has shown beneficial advances for people suffering from Parkinsons and Alzheimers.  The music and the very spirit of Argentinian tango provide a path for many to reconnect with Self.

Tango Therapy is another tool in my System for Embodied Living and Feedom, S.E.L.F.. We start by beginning to  “Come Home” to ourselves, learning to listen to our own feelings without judgment, then trusting and allowing those sensations to teach us what we want and need in the moment, and allowing ourselves to open to joy, feeling safe, grounded, and new possibilies for being.  I use it with individuals, couples, andretirement home residents; tango reveals itself as a beautiful, innovative and surprising path of self exploration and discovery.

“I loved seeing how the seniors responded to the tango; I think it’s very stimulating for them,” commented a volunteer worker at a retirement home in SW France.

For more information on tango therapy and my T.A.N.G.O.S. workshop, contact me!TANGOS Flyer




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