S.E.L.F., System for Embodied Living and Freedom

System for Embodied Living and Freedom - text

This is a gentle, life changing curriculum and process I created based on 25 years of working with myself and others, to help you release old blocks and conditioned programming in favor of flow and alignment with life and your deepest desires.

S.E.L.F.- System for Embodied Living and Freedom will help you connect and align with authenticity to make choices filled with possibility and aligned with life ‘s flow and inevitable change. Instead of  feeling stuck, replaying old, conditioned responses linked to fear and self protection, you’ll be able to step out confidently without an anxious inner dialogue of “what if’s…” or a physical somatic freeze response in your body.

Step into your life, not the one your parents wanted for you, or the one outside or internalized voices propel you to accept through guilt or belief in sacrifice. This is YOUR life and I invite you to find it. As long as you live and breathe there is time. Whatever Act you find yourself in today…, in whatever scene in your life story, give yourself the gift of joy and freedom. Seize the day! Carpe diem.

Align your body mind and soul with your highest purpose and step into the authentic You, the one you want to be. Write the story and script you feel called to live; become the author/producer of your own life film and reclaim your power. Relax into life’s flow, release useless efforting , and ENJOY! (notice the word, ‘joy’?)

You can live on purpose, with joy!  Why not start today?

The only thing deciding against shining your glorious light in the world,  is a fearful, small inner voice with an underlying belief in unworthiness.

Who will you let win… fear or authentic YOU?

A Course in Miracles in one of its 365 transformative lessons, reminds us:

I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.(ACIM lesson 160)

S.E.L.F. will teach you how to embrace the fearful, vulnerable parts of yourself… gently, compassionately and with conviction.

Release the drain of inner conflict and stop blaming your circumstances or entourage for your lack of fulfillment.

Reclaim personal responsibility to your life.

“…the wakened mind is one that knows its Source, its Self, its Holiness.” (A Course in Miracles, workbook lesson 167)


For more information on S.E.L.F. System for Embodied Living and Freedom, and how it can help you create a life that is joyful, free from debilitating stress, anxiety about not being good enough, or what will others think….contact me here:



 System for Embodied Living and Freedom - bis


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