Yoga Therapy

NamasteYoga is an ancient mind-body  practice which can help us feel safe and at home in our own skins. By bringing attention to physical and emotional sensations through the practice of breath (pranayama) and physical postures (asanas), we  reconnect and reclaim  peaceful embodiment of our own life experience. This is particularly important for Western mind-dominated cultures, where thinking is predominant and we tend to live from the neck up,oblivious or disconnected from our bodies.

Embodied experience is particularly important for people who have suffered trauma and may dissociate from their bodies as a survival mechanism. Trusting the body’s intelligence is also freeing for people dominated by negative mind talk and inner voices of deprecating self judgment and criticism.

As an experienced certified Kripalu Yoga instructor since 2001, I draw regularly on my training and love of yoga to help clients learn to relax, release chronic anxiety, and trust emotions and physical sensations as  messages from the body’s deep intelligence.  Yoga can bring us to a deep connection of Self through regular exploration and practice of movement linked to breath or “prana,” the life force in Sankrit.